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D.M. Davis Combined Choirs

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The D.M. Davis Combined Male and Ladies Choir will be presenting “By Request”, Chorus favorites from the past requested by members. Over the several years the choirs have been singing and entertaining in the Jackson area, and have built quite a file of songs. The choirs have looked back to past shows and will sing a few songs that have been favorites of the choir members.

In addition to the men’s and ladies choirs, we have added a smaller, select group, known as the “New Davis Singers” who will be on stage for the first time, and we will include as our special guests, four friends from the Huntington area who make up a ladies quartet known as “Heartfelt”. Young Miss Maya Adams will add her voice to the mix along with a male quartet with 324 total years of exciting life under their combined belts. They call themselves “Four-maldehyde”. Coryn Lord will be performing for the last time as a pre-College student, and will join with our new Student Director to direct and sign “For as Long as I Have Music”.

Tickets on sale now! $5 Advance and Day of Show

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